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SD card capacity?

What is the maximum usable memory that the MiniSD card slot on the z2 will handle? Also, will the slot handle MiniSDHC?

According to Wikipedia... "The miniSD card is currently produced in capacities ranging from 16 MB to 8GB (miniSD) and 4GB to 6GB (miniSDHC)." (I think it must be outdated on that SDHC info, or maybe gotten a bit confused between SD and SDHC.)

Also, one can go with microSD in a MiniSD adapter: "As of August 2008, microSD cards are available in capacities from 64 MB to 8 GB. A 12 GB version is being developed by SanDisk?. Cards 4 GB and larger are only available in the newer SDHC format."

Also, just for curiosity sake (not for any real practical purpose at the moment) but has anybody tested some of the miniSD devices? there are at very least commercially available MiniSD 802.11 wifi cards available, and there are others in development or possibly even on the market. (Such as the bluetooth adapter, and the GPS adapter.. http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/08/spectec-shows-off-minisd-bluetooth-gps-unit/ http://www.engadget.com/2007/07/09/spectecs-sdg-811-minisd-gps-with-microsd-slot/


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    2G is the upper limit, I think because of the PXA270 limitation (IIRC). No MiniSDHC either (same reason). Also, be aware that cards with very slow response time can not be detected when the Z2 boots, if they don't start up quick enough. If you immediately reboot w/o a power off (so the card stays on, in essence), it works fine.

    I'm not sure anybody has tried the other cards. To insure they will work, you need to make sure that the MicroSD card uses an SDIO format that the Z2 supports. Seems like I remember seeing some newer MicroSD cards with enhanced interfaces, which the PXA270 hardware might not support.

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    I am currently using a 8GB SDHC (Kingston) microSD card I got at supermediastore.com

    Since I saw this, I loaded it up heavy, I have 2 partitions a 1.1GiB vfat F32 with a music folder and the fatroot.zip stuff loaded and the rest of the card ~6.4GiB as ext3 with the base-image all the ipkgs and ~5.4GiB of data off of my laptop.

    I had md5sums of all the files generated on my laptop and checked on the zipit2 It took quite a while but every file checked as valid so I was using 858M/1.1G and 5.9G/6.4G with the files verified on the zipit.

    So Yes SDHC works with micro/mini SD adapter cards to at least 8G.