Z2's on sale

Effective immediately, the Zipit Z2 is available for purchase at a very discounted price for those who desire repurpose the device with the Linux software available through this linux.zipitwireless.com forum and other public domain avenues.

Edward Solomon
Proactive Distribution
1880 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7422

(215) 568-1700 ext. 245
(215) 568-1701 (fax)


Q: Is this actually legit? has any one ordered from these guys? A: Yes, I got one package of Zipits and everything was fine. fanoush seznam cz ParkerR

What is Zipit Forge

Zipit Forge is the online collaboration area for the Zipit Wireless series of products. Here you will have access to:

  • Wikis, Message forums and mailing lists to help you collaborate.
  • Content management systems and other publication mechanisms.
  • Storage facilities and webspace including versioning systems and databases.
  • A project framework with mechanisms to control access and structure work.

Projects and Documentation

Projects hosted on Zipit Forge are divided into 2 categories:

  • GPL/Open Source
  • Zipit Wireless Proprietary (covered by Zipit EULA and Zipit DPA)

To access the Members Only projects, please Register to create an account.

Open Source Projects

Proprietary (Members Only) Projects


What's Happening Lately

There are several places to check for the latest development on Zipit devices.

  • The latest work is always being chatted about in our IRC room. You can check the latest IRC logs.
  • Some info can be found in this blog and also here and perhaps even here.
  • If you like to see the latest development to everything on the Zipit Forge Trac, check it's timeline.
  • Be sure to browse the forums.

How to Get Involved

Becoming a Member

Your free membership at Zipit Forge gives you access to several different services for developing for the Zipit devices:


Use of members-only content this site is governed by our Zipit DPA. Please take note of our Privacy Policy. Trademark Guidelines are located here.

Staying in Contact

Be sure to visit us on our IRC channel on freenode, #zipit.

Also, you can always look for help at the forums.

There's even a dedicated Zipit Pastebin for quick debugging collaboration.


About Zipit Wireless Inc.

Zipit Wireless Inc. is a Greenville, S.C.-based developer of consumer electronics. The company focuses on wireless communication and entertainment devices that leverage the Internet and the explosion of Wi-Fi networks, while removing the dependency on the family computer. Zipit Wireless' newest product, the Z2, was awarded DigitalLife 2007 Best of Show for portable devices. For more information about Zipit Wireless Inc. and the Z2, visit www.zipitwireless.com.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Martin (magon) for his help in customizing this site. Well done.